We all know the saying – “There’s more than corn in Indiana.”  Lessgistics is here to tell you what that is- THE PERFECT LOCATION for your Third Party Logistics (3PL) services! Not what you were expecting, right?  With Indiana being smack dab in the middle of the United States, there is no location more suitable for your e-commerce fulfillment and warehousing needs. 

Fun fact:  Indiana has the most intersecting highways in all of the United States.  Any warehouse in Indiana is set up optimally for local, regional, and national distribution.

Facts About Logistic Capabilities in Indiana

  • 1st in shortest distance to the median center of US population (iedc)
  • 1st in pass through highways 
  • Indiana is home to the 2nd largest FedEx hub in the world
  • With three maritime ports, Indiana ranks 7th in waterborne shipping
  • In July 2020, the Indianapolis Airport was ranked in the #1 airport in the United States by Travel & Leisure Magazine
  • Indiana ranks 3rd in total freight railroad miles
  • Each year 1.5 billion TONS of freight travel through Indiana, making it the 5th busiest state for commercial freight traffic (Building Indiana Business)

All of these facts are interesting and competitive advantages for the state of Indiana, but the one that has the most significant impact is that first bullet. By shipping out of Indiana your average zone for your shipments will be lower than a warehouse on the far West coast, East coast, or South region. Lower the zone, lower the freight charges — no exceptions.

COVID-19 Impact

Logistics is a major industry in Indiana and continues to grow every year. There are multiple huge fulfillment center parks in central Indiana. Many companies have realized the advantages that Indiana provides and have moved their entire operation to the state.

As a result of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, customers have been forced into ordering even more products for home delivery.  Because e-commerce adoption rates have skyrocketed 10 years into the future, brands need to be able to keep up with such high on-line demand.  However, because of marketplaces such as Amazon and WalMart, customers expect very quick deliveries, which can be costly to your bottom line. 

Lessgistics is Your Cost Effective 3PL Solution

Lessgistics is here to help.  We make sure our partnership is mutually beneficial and aligns with your goals as a brand — a cheaper fulfillment and shipping solution.  We are here to leverage not only our location but also our expertly negotiated shipping rates so we both win in our long-term partnership.  Lessgistics is here as an extension of your team and we pride ourselves on our top notch service offering.  At most 3PL’s you are not able to easily access a person to get to the bottom of any given situation.  That is not the case at Lessgistics- you will have access to someone on our team at all times.  

For more information or to request a free analysis on how we can save you money, please contact our customer service representatives at human@lessgistics.com