Shipping Savings

Contract Audit & Negotiation

Our team has decades of experience working with and for national carriers. We know exactly where to look in your shipping data — and how to negotiate — to deliver maximum savings on your parcel contract. Our expert team guarantees savings on your shipping costs with minimal time investment on your part. Start today with a free contract audit and analysis.

Invoice Audit

Did you know that your weekly UPS or FedEx invoices might be fraught with billing errors? Every year, billions of dollars go unclaimed because no one has the time to go through and audit these shipping invoices. Let’s put that money back in your pocket! Our solutions take just a few minutes to set up. No software or effort is needed from your side.

VIP Parcel Rates

As an aggregator for the parcel industry, Lessgistics combines package volumes across many companies. This means great discounts on transportation and accessorial fees, which we can pass on to you. If you are a small to mid-size shipper, it is very likely that we can save you money by leveraging our existing shipping relationships.

Supply Chain Consulting

If you have a problem, our team of supply chain engineers and data analysts will create the best solution. We can optimize other modes of your transportation (Air, Ocean, LTL, TL), provide you with a returns strategy, ensure pick-pack-ship efficiencies, or design your end-to-end supply chain. Lessgistics has you covered for all third party shipping needs!

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