We love helping brands reach and exceed their goals at Lessgistics! Our team’s diverse background offers some competitive advantages over other typical 3PLs. Read below to find out the Top 10 Reasons you should partner with Lessgistics today.

1) We Save You Money. Always

We didn’t put ‘Less’ in our brand’s name for kicks. Our mission at Lessgistics is to provide small and medium-size companies the same cost savings on fulfillment and transportation that usually only large companies with buying power could obtain. We are all about leveling the field and treating our customers the same, whether a start-up or an established market leader. We leverage our operational expertise to save you money across your supply chain.

2) Our Offerings are Diverse

Some 3PLs offer expertise in one arena or niche, such as bulk storage or retail distribution. At Lessgistics, we focus on providing competitive pricing and expertise across a whole host of services: e-commerce fulfillment, subscription box management, kitting, and other general warehouse value-adds. Timing not right to out-source your fulfillment? That’s okay; we have a whole host of services that also focus on improving your shipping savings. We offer Free Contract Audit & Negotiation for your existing carrier contracts, Parcel Invoice Auditing to identify and recover carrier billing errors, and even VIP Parcel Rates.

3) We Over-Communicate

The biggest complaint we often hear from clients coming over from another 3PL is the lack of communication. They consider 3PLs to be a black hole after the on-boarding process. They often say they can only email a managed inbox instead of getting in contact with a real person. At Lessgistics, you are ‘white glove’ on-boarded and continuously connected to our operation. You will have a dedicated Account Manager at all times. You can even get us on the phone to talk through strategies or issue management – what a novel idea!

4) Transparency

Tangential to communication is our belief on transparency. You will have a full view of all of your inventory by utilizing the customer view in our Warehouse Management System (WMS). You can see your inventory quantities and the status of your skus in real-time. Throughout the day we are pushing and pulling information from all of your connected marketplaces to ensure your business is connected across all your channels! If we have an issue on an inbound receipt such as damage or missing units we contact you timely. You are in town and want to come onsite? We would love to have you visit.

5) Extension of Your Business

At Lessgistics, we are not trying to replace an individual or a core function within your company. Instead, we try to be an extension of your brand. We look at ourselves as true partners vs. an off-shoot performing services for you. The experience is seamless with your customers. Everything looks, feels, and is presented in a way that represents your brand in the best manner.

6) No Extra Fees!

A lot of 3PLs will charge an Account Management fee that can range from $500-5,000 per month! There are others that will charge a monthly minimum fee if you don’t have enough volume to meet their standards. These fees are non-transactional and can really erode your margins. At Lessgistics, you only pay for what you use. There are no hidden fees. Ever.

7) Centrally Located

Something that is not examined enough by customers looking for a 3PL is location. If you are looking for a single-source warehouse solution, the location matters immensely. If you are on the East or West Coast you will have longer transit times and higher shipping costs. Your vendors shipping inbound will have higher costs, as well. Lessgistics, on the other hand, is centrally located in the heart of Indiana — the state motto being The Crossroads of America. We are in the PERFECT geographical location to provide the cheapest shipping rates possible.

8) Experience Matters

Our experienced team has managed some serious volume over their careers. They have the expertise and industry contacts to provide you service and cost savings you could not obtain on your own.

  • 80 million packages shipped
  • 10 million returns managed
  • > $1B in transportation spend
  • > $40 million in savings on transportation contracts

9) We Love to Brainstorm with You

Again, most 3PLs are very transactional. They only care about picking/packing/shipping your orders. We are different in that we try to bring a level of strategic thinking you wouldn’t normally see from a 3PL partner. We suggest things like packaging improvements, transportation mode validation, and additional marketplace expansion suggestions to just name a few. We want to not just help you operationally, but to help grow your brand!

10) We Have Fun!

We are easy to work with in general, but we really like to have fun, too! We are not a stuffy business organization that only cares about the bottom line. Individuals often spend more time with their ‘work family’ than their actual families throughout the work week. It is immensely important to enjoy the people you work and partner with on a daily basis. You will always feel the positive and fun vibes from the culture we have developed at Lessgistics. It truly matters!

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