Shopify and Your DTC Brand

When deciding which platform to host your website you have many options.  Shopify is growing at a staggering rate based on the whole new slew of Direct to Consumer or DTC brands popping up on the retail landscape.  Because COVID-19 has been re-writing the e-commerce playbook daily you need a space where you can not only compete but also excel vs the ever changing landscape.  Let’s outline the benefits Shopify can bring to your DTC brand.  

Top 10 Benefits of Shopify

  1. Ease of Use.  Everyone is looking for something that is quick & easy to both set-up and use in your day-to-day running of the business. 
  2. No tech expertise required.  Don’t know how to write code or have the time to constantly be monitoring site traffic or software updates?  Then, Shopify is your partner — they have everything built in you need and they handle all of the hassles that come along with managing a website.
  3. Reliable, stable and secure.  Now this is something that is both important to you but also your customers.  No one wants their secure information exposed and being their trusted brand partner you need to ensure that their information is safe.  
  4. Customer Support.  Have an urgent question at midnight on a Saturday?  Shopify will answer your questions 24/7.  There will be situations that come up where you won’t realize how vital this is until you need it most.
  5. Optimized for your mobile viewing & purchasing needs. If you are not mobile optimized your ability to convert customers will be drastically reduced.  Mobile purchasing makes up nearly half of all purchases online (49.2%).  
  6. Ability to customize. Many themes to choose from to stand out from the crowd and further your brand presence online.  
  7. The Shopify App.  This App can help you integrate reviews, loyalty programs, customer wish lists — the list goes on and on.  
  8. Marketing tools.  The ability to optimize your own SEO and exactly how to do it is invaluable in today’s digital age.  Without it you will quickly be left behind your competition.
  9. Abandoned Cart Recovery.  According to stats over two thirds of customers do this.  But Shopify offers an Abandoned Cart Recovery Service that will help to convert some of these “browsers” to “buyers.”
  10. Diverse Payment options.  Shopify is integrated with lots of other payment options but also offers their own service if you are looking for an all-in-one solution.  Plus their fee structure is very competitive- more money in your pocket!

Shopify & the Importance of a trusted 3PL solution

So now that we have outlined the benefits that Shopify can bring to your DTC brand and your business is booming, what else do you need to do to be successful?  You have either been fulfilling orders yourself or outsourcing to a Third Party Logistics Solution (3PL).  But you are finding either that there is not enough time in the day (if you are doing self-fulfillment) or that the order visibility and pricing structure you are getting with your current 3PL is not working. Your business is in need of a trusted 3PL solution to take your brand quickly to the next level.  So whether it’s having more time to focus on new products and/or acquiring new customers. Or if you are just looking for a fair price for a partner to handle your e-commerce fulfillment needs, Lessgistics is your answer.  Lessgistics isn’t like other 3PL solutions — we focus on saving you money, time and being your partner in growing your business.  We think of ourselves as an extension of your business and aim to satisfy both your customer and brand needs!